January 31, 2008: If you can pay $0.5 for a cup of coffee, why do you pay $4?

Howard Schultz is the Chairman and CEO of Starbucks.

Starbucks is not about coffee, but about quality, alingment and performance.

This article, that I want to share with you, was published by one of my favorite magazines: Fast Company.

It is a 2004 article, but a classic in my personal collection.


“Great companies recognize who they are and who they are not. But they must have the courage to examine transformational opportunities.” Howard Schultz.

An Abstract:

Thinking Outside The Cup

Surprise! Starbucks barista-in-chief Howard Schultz is making a big, bold push into the music business. He aims to transform the record industry — and turn Starbucks into the world’s biggest brand, period.

From: Issue 84 | July 2004 | Page 50 | By: Alison Overholt | Photographs By: Bryce Duffy

So this girl walks into a bar. She holds a tall iced coffee in one hand, and her blond hair is piled high in a ponytail, neon bikini strings peeking out from her tank top. At this bar, however, headphones hang above the stools, and computer screens are embedded in the countertop. The girl looks at the “bartender” quizzically. “So you can burn music here and it’s, like, legal and everything?” she asks. The bartender smiles and nods. “Omigod, so you have, like, every song, ever?” Well, not every song, but quite a few: approaching 150,000 — about 20,000 albums’ worth. The girl settles onto a stool and grabs a headset, taking a long drag on the straw in her drink as she starts tapping away on a screen. “That’s awwwesome.”

Full article: http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/84/starbucks_1.html



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