January 28, 2008: What´s going on with Costa Rica?

Sure this is a great place on Earth. We are a small piece of heaven. Close to 50 thousand-squared kilometers of green landscapes, mountains, waterfalls, volcanoes…

But, Costa Rica is living on its vanity.

A country that wants to overcome its present, can not live tasting past glories.

And that´s what a huge proportion of Costa Rican do: feed the ego with success of ancient times.

“San José Costa Rica was the third city in the world with electricity, after New York and Paris”…so what! Look Paris and NewYork, there´s no comparison with San José.

“We are a land of peace, with no army since 1948”. This is probably the best decision we have ever made; but, what´s the best next excellent decission to be made?

Half of the country is “ok” with the actual status quo. The other half wants a change.

Where are you?



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